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Immigration and Customs

Upon entering Grenadian waters you have 24 hours to be cleared into Grenada. Those 24 hours could be critical when beginning or ending a charter so let us handle your clearance formalities for you so you never have to step foot off your yacht.



Some nationalities require a VISA to enter Grenada. Kindly check the list of nationalities here.

Once it is confirmed that VISAS are required for guests or crewmember(s), we will complete and submit the VISA application forms on your behalf PRIOR TO your arrival.

Please click here to see the information required to complete the VISA Application Form. Please be advised that the VISA issuance process differs slightly based on the applicant’s mode of entry into Grenada. If the applicant is entering Grenada by sea, the VISA will be issued as part of the inbound clearance process. So, upon your arrival, we will come to collect all the clearance documents including all the passports and the VISA will be stamped into the passport.

However, if the VISA applicant is entering Grenada by Air, that individual must first obtain a pre-clearance letter from Grenada’s Immigration BEFORE they are allowed to embark on their flight to come to Grenada. They will be denied entry if they do NOT have this letter in their possession. Please note that we must apply for this pre-clearance letter AT LEAST 4 working days BEFORE the individual departs their country of origin to come to Grenada. The 4 days timeframe is important because INTERPOL needs to conduct a thorough background check on the individual(s). Once INTERPOL has completed the background check, they will send a report to Grenada’s Immigration and, once received, Grenada’s Immigration officials will issue the pre-clearance letter. We will then send you a copy of the pre-clearance letter to forward on to the individual. They must print out the letter and carry it with them to the airport where it must be presented to the airline upon check-in for the flight and to Grenada’s Immigration upon arrival.



Also, ask us about our services that offer Inbound / Outbound clearance from our Sister Isle of Carriacou. Since Carriacou is nationally part of Grenada, once you clear in / out of Carriacou, you do not have to clear again in Grenada