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Restaurants Reservations

Are your guests looking for a place to dine? Or is your crew looking for a place to relax and unwind after a demanding charter or owners’ trip? Ask us for our list of suggested restaurants. We have extensive knowledge of all of the restaurants in Grenada and can suggest the best one that suits your guest or crew requirements. We can also make the reservation upon request and can book the transportation to and from the venue.


Do you need an aircraft to take your guests or crew to/ from a remote destination? Do you want to charter a boat for a fishing excursion? Or need to have flown-in provisions catch up with you after you have departed your berth / anchorage? Let us assist you!

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VIP Terminal Usage

Offering luxurious lounges, in-house Immigration and Customs processing and state-of-the-art security screening, this luxurious VIP Terminal will be the perfect beginning and end to your guests’ charter in Grenada.

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Airport Transfers

Let us arrange airport transfers for your guests and crew. Whether it’s an airport pickup at the beginning of a charter, or an airport drop off at the end, we will ensure your guests have a memorable experience. Whatever transportation needs your guests have, we can organize. Our partnership with the best luxury transport companies in Grenada gives us access to a wide range of high quality, premium vehicles to suit a variety of client needs.

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if you are over 199 GRT and intend on berthing or anchoring anywhere within the Port of St. George, kindly contact us in advance of your arrival so that we can book a Pilot for you. Pilots require 24 hours notice in advance of arrival and 3 hours notice in advance of departure.

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Rentals: Car & Scooter

Does your crew need to rent a car or scooter while the yacht is in Grenada? Let us arrange this for you.

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Additional Agency Services