Do you want to spruce up your table with a beautiful arrangement of tropical flowers? Or put orchids or bouquets in your cabin? Let us help you create the perfect ambiance for your yacht with fresh and exotic tropical flowers and plants grown right here in Grenada.

Our florists are very talented and do excellent work but they have to work within a few limitations that are unique to our island.

Firstly, we have a very limited selection of flowers in Grenada. The flowers that grow here are mainly tropical varieties such as Heliconias, Ginger Lilies, Anthuriums and Orchids.

Secondly, the best florists in Grenada tend not to be full-time florists so they need extra time, especially for big orders, therefore it may be difficult for our florists to do same-day or next-day flower deliveries. Our florists need a little time to do their work well especially for big orders. We have partnered with the best florists and suppliers on the island to ensure that your order is filled to your expectations.


Ordering Local Flowers

If you would like to place your flower order, kindly email us specifying your budget and the dimensions for any arrangements i.e. height, length, width, and quantities (in the case of loose flowers). Something to bear in mind is the Christmas / New Year period is very busy for flowers so, at this time of year, please give us as much time as possible to maximize the chances of getting what you want.


Imported Flowers

If you or your guests prefer to import your flowers from overseas, we can assist with landing, clearing and delivering the shipment to the yacht.

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